Are you looking for new destinations for your next vacation? Our campsite in Mesquer-Quimiac invites you to discover 3 new regions for your next stay in France.

Discover Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michelfor an unforgettable vacation in Brittany

Brittany is a French region brimming with exciting vacation destinations. Among these destinations, Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel are two jewels not to be missed. This region is famous for its magnificent landscapes, beaches, historic towns and fine cuisine. Discover Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel for an unforgettable vacation in Brittany.

Saint-Malo is a fortified port city in Brittany. The town is famous for its ramparts, beaches, port and historic architecture. Children will love strolling along the cobbled streets and discovering the town’s many souvenir stores.

Mont Saint-Michel is a must-see in France. When you visit Mont Saint-Michel, you can explore the island’s narrow streets and historic buildings. You can also enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding bay from the ramparts.

Stay in a campsite in Saint-Malo is the ideal way to discover the region’s treasures.

Family vacationsin Meschers-sur-Gironde

Meschers-sur-Gironde is a charming commune on France’s Atlantic coast, in the Charente-Maritime department. This destination is ideal for vacations with family, friends or couples. Meschers-sur-Gironde offers a variety of activities, tourist sites and natural landscapes that are sure to seduce you.

Meschers-sur-Gironde is renowned for its sandy beaches. The most popular beaches are Suzac, Nonnes and Plaisance. Meschers-sur-Gironde’s beaches are ideal for water-based activities such as fishing, diving, kayaking and jet-skiing.

Meschers-sur-Gironde is famous for its troglodytic caves.

The Matata caves are the best known, and visitors can explore them all year round on guided tours. On the other hand, the Régulus caves are only open in summer. These caves have been carved out of the limestone cliffs and offer a fascinating spectacle. Stay in a campsite in Meschers sur Gironde and enjoy a wide range of family activities in the Charente-Maritime region.

Discoverthe Vendée coastline

Notre-Dame-de-Monts, an ideal vacation destination for lovers of nature, beaches and outdoor activities, is located on France’s Atlantic coast. Its sandy beaches, pine forests and unspoilt natural landscapes offer visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Notre-Dame-de-Monts is also an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The pine forest extends over 500 hectares, ideal for hikers and cyclists. The region’s nature parks, such as Parc de Brière, also offer visitors a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities.

The town is renowned for its gastronomy, which is both traditional and innovative. Seafood takes pride of place on the menus of the city’s restaurants, with dishes such as oysters, mussels and shrimps. The town is also famous for its crêpes, galettes and ciders.

Whether you’re interested in nature or gastronomy, a camping in Notre Dame de Monts is the ideal destination for your next vacation. So don’t hesitate, and set off to discover this wonderful city!